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About Joy

While becoming a Psychologist has always been my life’s dream, this is actually my second career. My first career in Corporate America included helping Fortune 500 companies identify & address challenges to their success. This experience showed me how the relationships among the individual members of a group impact the whole.
My most difficult and yet proudest achievement though is being a Mom. My partner and I have a blended family of 4 children!  While this makes me quite proud, it also helps me to relate to the NUMEROUS challenges that come with parenthood…and I thought large corporations were complicated!
As my list of questions as a mother grew and grew, my need to understand prompted my decision to become, not just a Psychologist, but specifically, a Child and Family Clinical Psychologist. I truly believed having my doctorate would mean I would finally have all the answers. NOPE! I still don’t have all the answers, but I will say my time in school provided me with the foundation I needed to guide others in finding as many answers as possible. I have been doing that now for over 10 years in the non-profit world, supporting un(der) served families with passion and heart.
My considerable experience working with children of all ages and their caregivers in both the non-profit world and private practice, has evolved into a number of specialties.  While I admit to being FAR from perfect, I do feel that my experience gives me a unique perspective and ability to support a wide range of child and family struggles, from both my heart and mind.
Utilizing both my heartfelt experience as a mother and my educational and professional knowledge gleaned from over 15 years of study and practice in this field, I have helped MANY children and adults to heal and grow, achieve their goals, and find a sense of success and happiness within their families.
I tend to be a more active participant in the therapy process; and I like to develop an alliance, working collaboratively with families. I have found this style to promote the longest term success with clients. By sharing my authentic heart and accumulated knowledge, I believe I can support you and your family to succeed.  Let’s do this!
With respect and admiration for all seeking support in this journey,


Meet the Team

Dr. Joy invites Best of Class Associates to join the team each year.

These selections are entirely based on expertise and a personal style that must be welcoming and supportive of all in the community.

We currently have fourAssociates who fully met our criteria!

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